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eClosing with Remote Online Notarization
There is nothing more pleasing than having your own home. Even if it’s a villa, tiny house, or just a one-room apartment, we can imagine the boom of that adrenaline rush and feel the peak of accomplishment that arises inside a person who buys a new property.
Believe us; We get it!

Nowadays, with the introduction of Remote Online Notary everywhere in America, you do not need to wait for a notary appointment to finalise your mortgage or real estate transactions. eClosing with Remote Online Notarization has really revolutionised the notarization world!

Keeping all these facts aside, one can have an underlying sense of insecurity about how to carry out mortgage or real estate transactions with proper safety? It’s normal to ruminate around queries like how eClosings with RON works? Really, Can you sign closing documents online? If yes, is it safe or not?

Well, we understand your predicaments. Online services can be a little tricky to understand and rely on. However, trust us, it’s safe!

Read the blog till the end to clear your concepts about eClosing and how it works!!

eClosing and its types

The eClosing is the process in which mortgage or real estate transactions are finalised through electronic means. It means purchasing or selling of a property is accomplished electronically, under eclosing.

Basically, eClosing is of the following types:

Will Notary - Document signed

Mobile/In-person eClosing:

Under this type of eClosing, the notary public will meet you in person just like they do in traditional Closing. However, the main difference lies in that the notary will notarize documents electronically.

Remote Online Notarization eClosing:

Under eClosing with RON, you can notarize your documents online. The notary and all the parties meet via an audio-video call, after that the notary attests to the signer’s identity and notarizes the documents electronically.

Hybrid eClosing:

As the name suggests, hybrid eClosing is a blend of the new digital and traditional way of Closing. Some documents are notarized by wet signature with an in-person notary, while others by electronic signatures with a remote online notary.

eClosing with Remote Online Notarization

So, eClosing is possible with several methods, whether via in-person notary or remote online notary or hybrid of both. However, after the entry of COVID-19, it was not possible to safely carry Notarization via old-school ways. Here RON came as a savior.

Now, RON is legal in most states of the United States of America, out of which some have also temporarily legalized RON due to the COVID-19 situation. Click here to check whether your state has legalized RON.

Now, here comes the question, how does eClosing with RON really work?

Firstly, one should have all the eClosing documents, similar to the ones that are required for traditional Closing. After that, you need to choose a remote online notarization platform.

If you are looking for a RON service-providing platform, Lottalegal can help you. With us, you will be able to notarize your documents from a state-commissioned notary in no time. Lottalegal’s process for RON goes as;

Upload documents:

Once you have all the eClosing documents, fill out a simple form on our portal and upload the documents you want to notarize from a notary.

Connect with remote online notary:

After submitting all the documents, a commissioned notary will contact you via an audio-video call and verify your identity via KBN techniques.

Along with this, the notary public will make sure that you are well aware of the intent of documents and sign the documents under no one’s pressure.

Once the notary is assured, they will witness your signature and complete the Notarization of documents.

Download notarized documents:

Once notarized, you will be able to download your notarized documents via your provided email address.

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Basic requirements to carry eClosing with RON

One should be well prepared and equipped before opting for Remote Online Notarization for eClosing. Make sure following points before applying for RON:

  • All parties are well aware of how does notarizing works with RON, and they are willing to participate in the signing process.
  • All the parties have a stable internet connection and computer/smartphone/Tablet with an audio-video call feature. (In the case of a computer, make sure to have a webcam, microphone, and speakers to carry audio-video call smoothly)
  • The device must have a recording feature to keep a virtual record for the notarization process.
  • Don’t forget to gather your Identity proofs and a soft copy of the same. To present them in front of the notary public, you can choose a couple of identity proofs like Passport, Driver’s Licence, Green Card/Permanent Resident Card, Military ID, Certificate of US Citizenship, etc.
  • Make sure to have a Soft copy of all the documents that need to be signed.
  • Some states may require one or two witnesses. Ensure you have a witness at the time of signing. In some states, the notary public can also act as a witness. So it’s better to go through the rules before applying for Closing.

Our Notarization Process

1. Fill up the online application with your details.

2. Upload Your Documents

3. Get Approved and Receive your Documents On Your Email.

Advantages of Choosing Remote Online Notarization for eClosing

Till now, it must be evident that everyone is switching to remote online Notarization for eClosing.

Here comes the question of what makes RON so unique that eClosing with RON is so hyped? And why do people find eClosing with RON more beneficial over old-school ways?

Here are listed some advantages of eClosing RON that clarifies why it is better

Time Convenient:

With RON, you don’t need to wait in queues for hours or for months to book an appointment with a notary public. From comfort from your home, you can upload documents online and notarize documents in no more than twenty minutes. Anyone can easily spare a few minutes from your hectic schedule and complete such an essential task of Closing effortlessly.

Pocket Friendly and hassle-free:

RON will directly cut the extra cost of travel and unnecessary hassle to manage paperwork. Remote online notarization eClosing will instantly connect you with a notary public, so you don’t need to spend money traveling all the way to meet the notary public. Along with this, as all the documents are managed digitally, so there is no need to carry hard copies of the documents. You can keep all the closing documents in the form of a soft copy on your PC or phone.

100% safe:

eClosing with remote Online Notarization is safe and secure that too even more than traditional Closing. Once notarized, the notarized document in RON becomes tamper-evident, so no one can alter and make changes to it. Hence chances of any fraud are bare to a minimum. Other than this, the notary public keeps the record of the notarized documents, which double proof the safety.


So, it must be clear to you what is eClosing with Remote online notarization, how it works, and why it is safe? 

So, choosing RON is a win-win game. Although instead of falling into spam sites, it’s better to choose Lottalegal. We make sure that the process is convenient and as per the parameters set by the government to carry eclosing with RON, Legally!!

Apply now to have peace of mind that you choose a trustable and reliable service!

Last Updated: Feb 10, 2022
Jasper Becky

Jasper Becky


Jasper Becky is a Famous legal writer. She was a notary public herself; at the same time, she loved writing and wrote some great pieces all along with her career as a notary. A few years back, she switched to full-time writing. Being a notary public in the past, she has excellent knowledge and has a nice grasp regarding laws and rules in America. She is a wife and mother of two girls plus one cute dog. She likes to spend time with her family and cook for them. 

  1. Daniel

    Which document is the most important at closing?

    • Isabella

      A deed is the most important document while closing real estate transactions. The reason for its importance is the statement written in it which mentions that the seller of the property transfers all the shares and stakes in the property to the buyer. The document is signed by the seller in front of a notary which confirms the transfer of rights to the buyer.

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