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If you are looking for professional help in bookkeeping, we have all the resources that you need. Our online bookkeeping service can manage your accounting books with accuracy.
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Our dedicated bookkeepers can handle any business with expertise

Running a business becomes even more burdensome when the businessman has to manage the accounting books too. This distracts the businesses from their main aim of fulfilling their clients’ needs which further affects productivity.

This problem can be solved by Lottalegal’s Bookkeeping Services which ensures reliable and easy handling of your financial transactions and records.

There will be no more distractions regarding your finances as our expert teams will manage your books and keep them up to date.

Bookkeeping EXPERTS

How will it work?

Easy, Fast, and Secure.

Step – 1
Introduction to a professional.

One of our experts will be introduced to you, who will explain the service in detail and start the planning after having an overview of your business.

Step – 2
Managing the books –

Your financial transactions will be accessed securely at fixed intervals of time. The bookkeeping expert will start working on the books and may connect with you if required.

Step – 3
Weekly or Monthly financial reports –

You will receive financial reports for each month. These monthly reports can be readily used for taxation and other accounting purposes.

Our Promise

Personal Support

The professional bookkeeper assigned to you will have in-depth knowledge of your business and will help you to run your business efficiently.

Detailed Reports

We understand the meaning of Security, and we constantly work to improve and make it safe for your use. Our online notarization portal is encrypted and 20x Secure than visiting a conventional notary.

Why do you need to Outsource Bookkeeping?

Invoicing the clients and paying bills is an important part of a business. It needs to be done in a perfect way to avoid any kind of bad impression on the clients. We help businesses to achieve perfection in bookkeeping through customized bookkeeping according to the needs of the organizations. Our professionals are capable of solving all your accounting book problems and saving your precious time and resources.

Benefits Of Bookkeeping

You can focus more on the core business activities.

You can focus more on the core business activities.

Certified bookkeepers can provide better management of financial records.

Certified bookkeepers can provide better management of financial records.

Scaling of bookkeeping services is possible according to the requirement.

Scaling of bookkeeping services is possible according to the requirement.

Administrative expenses are reduced.

Administrative expenses are reduced.

In-house accountants are not needed.

In-house accountants are not needed.

Real-time 24-hour access to your online records.

Real-time 24-hour access to your online records.

Responsibilities of the Bookkeeper

  • Documenting the accounting data and making it presentable
  • Sending invoices to the clients
  • Timely settlement of bills
  • Take control of the accounting software being used by you
  • Preparing monthly or weekly accounting reports
  • Streamlining the Bookkeeping methods
  • Creating balance sheets
  • Processing the payroll
  • Reconciliation of bank accounts

What does Lottalegal require from you?

There are some things that our experts will need to offer an error-free experience to you.

  • Access to all e-transactions related to your business
  • A method to report expenses
  • Seamless Bill Payment System

Accrual and Cash Bookkeeping

Cash bookkeeping covers only the cash flow of accounts. It is an older method but is still used by some small businesses. Most of the new businesses use accrual bookkeeping which records at the time of capital earned.

No more worrying about bookkeeping


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five star rating for Online Notary Service

We were in confusion about whether or not to go with the online bookkeeping thing. We thought to give it a try with Lottalegal. It turned out to be so good that we don’t need to hire a bookkeeping specialist anymore.

Seymour Richard

five star rating for Online Notary Service

Lottalegal has been a fine rescue to my business. I thought we won’t make it because of the messed-up accounting reports. But the Lottalegal expert cleared out all the clutter and found out the reason for our unnecessary losses.

Wesley Arroyo

five star rating for Online Notary Service

Bookkeeping was always a headache for me. I never understood the balancing of credit, debit, cash, and cheques. Thanks to Lottalegal for handling my accounts with professionalism. Now I don’t have to worry about the accounts.

Miguel Carrillo

Bookkeeping FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Is bookkeeping important for a business?
Bookkeeping is a crucial part of each business. If the flow of money is not recorded correctly, losses may occur. It also helps to know about the profit and loss of the business and provides a summary of the company’s accounts. To avoid any losses and better financial planning, having accurate bookkeeping is important.
Does the company size matter in outsourced bookkeeping services?
Yes. The approach to handling accounting books may differ with the company size. For example, a small business will have a limited number of transactions or expenses. So, the efforts required will be less in that case. In a medium or big business, transaction count is also high. So, more resources are needed to handle their accounting books.
Do I still need a bookkeeping service if I have accounting software?
Accounting software alone cannot help you manage your transactions. You will need someone with expertise to make use of it. Software is just a tool that can be used for bookkeeping but knowing how to use the tool efficiently is equally important. Experts with experience in different accounting software can help in better bookkeeping.
Why should I trust you?
Our team has been helping businesses for a long time. We have hired professionals from different areas of the industry. So, you will be in good hands for all your bookkeeping needs with our experienced professionals. Our main goal is to provide accuracy in the bookkeeping profession.
Is it safe to outsource bookkeeping services?
Using outdated technology can be risky. With advanced technology and security systems in place, safety and data privacy can be ensured. We use the up to date software and systems to avoid any kind of risk. Also, we follow industry-standard safety protocols to avoid any misuse of data.
What if there are any doubts?
In case of any doubts, you will be able to communicate with your assigned bookkeeper who can solve all your problems. It is our responsibility to offer a clear and comprehensive understanding of all our processes. Whether your doubt is about our service or anything related to your accounting books, our professionals will always be available for help.

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From small businesses to big organizations, Lottalegal provides outsourced Bookkeeping services and manages their financial books.


Our bookkeeping professionals are known for their accurate reporting and efficient management of financial records.

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Our team is well prepared to meet your business requirements as you expand with growth. 


From e-commerce to financial institutions, our expert bookkeepers cater to the needs of many sectors of the market.

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