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End up the hassle of booking appointments and time consuming walk-ins with online notarization. No matter where you are and which device you are using, connect with commissioned notary public instantly and get your important documents notarized in minutes.
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Status of Online Notary in California

California law officials understand that notarization is essential to maintain proper law and order in the state. Notary serves a great purpose by ensuring that no fraudulent activity will filter out from their end. Notary public carries notarization to ensure that signer identity is authentic who is signing documents related to real estate, power of attorney, wills, trusts, passports, Promissory Notes, Affidavits, etc.
Notarizing documents is essential and affects the signer and all the parties related to that document. Most people find themselves in a situation in their life where they have to notarize the document. Mandatory or not, it’s vital to notarize the document because of the following reasons;

  • Once a document passes the eye of a notary public, the chances of getting into fraud diminish while signing documents of a project that’s new for you.
  • Avoid future disputes as notarization levels up the document’s authenticity.
  • When a witness signs the document in the presence of a notary public, they don’t need to appear in court.

In short, it’s best to sign an essential document in the presence of a neutral person, assigned by the state, to ensure that the whole act is legal and give you the security that the document is authentic in the eyes of the law.

As the modern world is changing, none got the time to visit the notary public to notarize the documents. Still, we cannot suppress the need and importance of Notarization. After the pandemic hit, it was impossible for people to leave their houses. However, we could not put important activities like Notarization on a halt for a very long time. Acknowledging this, the SECURE Notarization Act of 2021 was introduced to update orthodox ways of Notarization. It permitted Remote Online Notarization in the United States, including California. However, this act failed to mention details regarding ensuring user privacy, data privacy, and lots more.

For that very reason, California state sensed the necessity to exclusively introduce remote online Notarization to avoid future confusion among people regarding this. Bill AB-1093, presented by Assembly Member Jones-Sawyer on February 18, 2021, legalized remote online Notarization legal in the state. It clearly elaborates all the do’s and don’ts to smoothly carry remote online Notarization in the state.

How to Get Your Documents Notarized Online

See How Easily You Can Get Signed.

PDF Upload for Remote Online Notarization

Upload Your Document

Upload a PDF in our online portal.

Submit Your state ID for Remote Online Notarization

Verify Your Identity

Verify your Identity to the public notary.
Connect with a Notary Public through AV conferencing for Remote Online Notarization

Connect to Notary

Connect with a notary public on video call.

Download PDF notarized through Remote Online Notarization

Download Document

Instantly download or email your notarized doc.

RON is





Remote Online Notarization is Easy and Time Efficient.

RON is time efficient. It save you a lot of time which you will be spending otherwise for visiting a notary public in person. All you need to do is uploading your documents and connect with a notary public which barely takes 15 minutes of your time.

All Your Documentation is Encrypted.

During Online Process all your documents and sessions with notary pubic are kept private with end to end encryption. Its only you and the notary public who can have access to the those document.

Electronic Notarization is Legal Nationwide.

Virginia legalized Enotary by stating that, If you have a Social Security Number(SSN), you can get your paperwork signed by an Electronic notary commissioned in your area from any remote location.

RON is a Cost-Effective Solution for You.

Online notary service is more cheaper than your traditional notary. Choosing RON over traditional method means that you will end up saving a lot of money. RON cuts down your traveling costs as well.

Evade the Hassles of Traveling and Get Signed from Anywhere!

With Lottalegal’s 5-minute Remote Online Notarization process, you can let our professional notaries take care of your important documentation. 

Remote Online Notarization: Online Application Guide - Step-by-step (Updated 2022))

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What is an Online Notary?

An online notary is a state-licensed notary public who uses Audio-Video Conferencing technology for notarization instead of meeting a signer in person. In California, the online notary verifies the signer’s identity and uses eSeal to notarize the documents. Once the notarization finishes, the notary public affixes the documents with a secure public key to level up the security of documents.

Does California Allow Remote Online Notarization?

Yes, as per the AB-1093, Remote Online Notarization is legal in the state of California. A person who has registered with the Secretary of State and has the certificate of qualification from the Secretary to transact business in California can perform Remote Online Notarization in California as an online notary public. However, as the RON laws are different for every state, the California notary public is obliged to keep an electronic journal for every notarization that they carry in the California state.

Do I Have To Be in California to Use Your RON Services?

No, as long as you have valid identity proofs that you are a resident of California and your notary public is located as well as commissioned to carry Notarization in California State, you can notarize documents with RON services from anywhere.

That’s the privilege of using Remote Online Notary services, as no matter where you are, you can notarize your documents from any place, any time!

How Does the Notary Keep its Records?

The AB-1093 strictly demands notaries to keep an electronic journal and record details of every single notarization in that electronic journal. This journal should also contain the recording of audio-video call of notarizations. This notary must also attach an “Electronic online notarial certificate” that contains eSignature, Eseal, and the facts attested to by the online notary public in the particular online notarization.
The notary public submits this electronic journal to the secretary of state, who keeps it as a record of all the notarization the notary completed in a given period of time. The secretary can destroy this journal after ten years from the date the notary public submitted this journal.

How To Notarize Something Online in California?

Notarizing documents with RON services is as easy as a piece of cake. Time-save, value for money, and extreme level of comfort are the essential attributes of Remote Online Notarization.

To notarize documents in California, you can pick Lottalegal! You just need to fill up a simple form mentioning your basic details and the type of documents you want to notarize. After that, you need to upload your documents, and a California commissioned notary will contact you soon via audio-video call. After verifying your identity, the notary public will notarize documents via eSeal and soon send them to your provided email address. You can download these documents whenever you want and use them.

Does a Signer “Personally Appear” in the Presence of an Online Notary Public?

Well, not physically appear, but yes, you need to appear personally via audio-video call in front of a notary during the notarization process. The notary public requires your presence to verify your identity via KBN techniques during video conferencing. Ensure that you have all the essential tools and a stable internet connection while applying for remote online notarization.

How Is a Document Signed?

Just like eNotarization, the documents in Remote Online Notarization are signed electronically. The AB-1093 doesn’t authorize the wet signature under remote online notarization.

How Do I Download the Notarized Document?

If you choose the Lottalegal service, not only is the process of getting documents notarized, but the process of downloading documents is easier. We will send your notarized documents to your provided email address, from where you can easily download your notarized documents on your phone or computer. You can get the documents in word or pdf format, whatever you prefer the most.

How Much Can an Online Notary Charge in California?

Every RON service provider has different pricing for notarizing a document. However, Lottalegal is the most affordable notarizing platform on the internet that charges $59 for a single document. Additional signing will cost you extra charges. Click here for more pricing information.

What Types of Documents Must Be Notarized in California via RON?

Whether selling or buying a car, you need a notary public to notarize your documents in California. Similarly, documents like Affidavits, Mortgage closing documents, Wills, Trusts, Loan Closing, Bank signing, Adoption papers, Real estate documents, Structured settlements, etc., require notarizations. You can notarize these documents via a remote online notary from anywhere in California.

Check complete information regarding the type of documents you can notarize in California.

What is the significance of California’s fingerprint requirement for certain notarial acts?

In California, the Notary public must take the fingerprints of all the parties that sign real estate and powers of attorney documents during the notarial act. To avoid fraud and level up the security of documents, fingerprint requirements were mandatory for the past so many years in California. Fingerprint requirement was started in Los Angeles in the 1990s to stop the exercise of false loan documents.

However, under Remote Online Notarization, to substitute the orthodox fingerprint requirement, notaries are obliged to keep the recording of each notarization. The notary must keep an electronic journal that has a recording of audio-video call as a record of that notarial act in case someone challenges the authenticity of notarization.

What is the Process of Signing the Document?

The process of signing a document is effortless with Lottlegal. We have a team of California commissioned notaries to notarize your documents 24*7. Our process for signing a document goes as;

✪ Upload Your Document

Initiate the process by filling up a simple questionnaire regarding your basic details and the type of documents you wish to get notarized. Once done, upload the documents on the portal.

✪ Connect With Legal Notary

After applying, you will soon connect with a commissioned notary public over an audio-video call. The notary public will verify your identity via KBN techniques during video conferencing. Once the notary public is assured that your documents and all the details are authentic, they will notarize them with eSeal.

✪ Download Your Documents

After the notarization finishes, the notary public will send your documents to your provided email address. You can easily download the documents and save them on your device for future use.

The whole process of RON is safe and secure with Lottalegal. You can also call the CCE (customer care executive) team if you have any queries or issues while uploading or downloading your notarized documents.

Which States Allow RON?

Remote Online Notarization is legalized in the following states of the United States:

  • Alabama
  • Alaska
  • Arizona
  • Arkansas
  • California
  • Colorado
  • Delaware(Temporary)
  • Florida
  • Georgia(Temporary)
  • Hawaii
  • Idaho
  • Illinois
  • Indiana
  • Iowa
  • Kansas
  • Kentucky
  • Connecticut
  • Louisiana
  • Maine(temporary)
  • Maryland
  • Massachusetts(temporary)
  • Michigan
  • Minnesota
  • Mississippi(Temporary)
  • Missouri
  • Montana
  • Nebraska
  • Nevada
  • New Hampshire
  • New Jersey
  • New Mexico
  • New York
  • North Carolina(Temporary)
  • North Dakota
  • Ohio
  • Oklahoma
  • Oregon
  • Pennsylvania
  • Rhode Island( Temporary)
  • South Dakota
  • Tennessee
  • Texas
  • Utah
  • Vermont
  • Virginia
  • Washington
  • West Virginia
  • Wisconsin
  • and Wyoming

However, RON is Prohibited in DC, and till now, there is no guidance regarding RON in South Carolina.

How Safe Is a Virtual Notarization?

It’s expected to have doubts like is it safe? When someone chooses an online service. Most people get uncertain if their details are safe if they share them with a Virtual Notary during virtual notarization. However, in retrospect, virtual notarization is safe and more secure than other notarization methods. With Lottalegal, the reliability of Virtual Notarization is due to the following reasons;

✪ Electronic Journal

Our Virtual Notary in California maintains an electronic journal of all the notarizations that they share with the secretary of state. In this electronic journal, the notary public will have to attach an audio-video recording of the notarial act. So there is no chance that the virtual notary can do any fraud as the state always keeps a check on them.

✪ Secured Public Key

Lottalegal’s virtual notaries, to enhance security and decrease fraud, essentialize cryptography and the public key infrastructure to notarize a document. The affixed documents are tamper-evident, detecting any future illegal changes in the document.

✪ Encrypted Software

Lottalegal uses the safest payment approach that is encrypted so that you can securely pay for our services without any risk. Along with the payments, communications are also encrypted so that no fraudster can hack our information. Our Team updates our software from time to time to keep in check with any fraudulent activities.

✪ Information Safe

We understand that the notarization documents are valuable for our customers, and the information they share with us is really private. None can risk sharing that information with an untrustable person or party as that can cost them a fortune if that business information leaks or gets in the hands of a fraudster. However, you don’t need to worry about that with Lottalegal. Our notaries are state-commissioned and selectively choose to make sure that our notaries are entirely professional and customer information is secure with them. For this reason, your information and documents are completely confidential with our notaries.


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five star rating for Online Notary Service

“In-depth verification, I must say! It made me more comfortable choosing online signatures for my documents. From now on, I promise, I won’t go in person.”

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five star rating for Online Notary Service

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