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How to register a company in Texas?

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Step – 1
Fill up a simple form:

Apply online by filling up an easy form referring to your name, address, and necessary business details. After finishing the form, submit it on the portal.

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Step – 2
Connect with Texas Registered Agents:

Soon after you submit your form, our Registered Agents will contact you to connect over an audio-video call to discuss your Business.

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Step – 3
Get your Business registered in Texas:

Once our agents have all the necessary business details, they will help you with your Texas Company registration. On completion, you will have legal access to run your Company in Texas as LLD or a Corporation.

Why Start Business in Texas?

Among all nations of the world, Texas, the “Lone Star State,” alone has the 10th largest economy. The state has an altogether excellent business-friendly environment. Texas has the most significant tax advantage for the businesses as the state has a policy of no corporate or personal income tax deductions. Further, the overall taxations are also low, making it more desirable for new firms. According to the Chief Executive Group community, Leading CEOs consider Texas as the Best Business State.

While speaking about the overall business growth outlook, Forbes considers Texas the first and fourth under Economic Climate Rank. All credits are to the Texas government, which invests considerable capital in ensuring that its population is skilled and well-educated to maintain a productive business environment.

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Alvertos Blaine

“Cooperative and Professional”

Their team is too polite! I had so many doubts. They cleared them all patiently.
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Hazel Birch

“Cooperative and Professional”

To be honest, I had no Idea about registering a Company name in Texas. But the LottaLegal agent guided me through the process and did some necessary paperwork from their end. I don’t know how I would have done it on my own. Thank you.


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Brinley Alden
“Business Man”
With the Company’s expansion, I was too overwhelmed with all the work that came with it this year. I knew Registering my Company was essential, but I had no time for that. Thank you, lottaLgeal, for handling everything.


What are the steps of opening a Company?

While opening a new business in Texas, you need to follow all the necessary steps: out of which the Company Registration step is the most important one. In brief, you need to follow the below-mentioned steps to register Company name in Texas.

Choosing the Entity Type:

Choose the Entity (LLC, C-corp, S-corp, etc.,) that you wish to register your Company with the state.

Finalizing the business location:

As per your business requirements, pick the city where you want to open your Business in Texas.

Naming your Company:

Cite an Entity, trademark, and domain name to your Company that has never been used before by other businesses in your industry.

Hire a registered agent:

Recruit a Texas-registered agent to manage your documents, including receiving or sending crucial files to the state.

Register your Company:

Mostly importantly, register your Company as an LLC or corporation with the state. LottaLegal can assist you in this.

Get an EIN Number for Business:

Apply with the IRS to get your unique nine-digit EIN necessary for tax purposes.

Apply for licenses and permits:

As per your industry, it is mandatory to get essential Licenses and permits to run the Business in the state lawfully.

Click here to understand the complete process of registering a Company in Texas.

What is DBA? Do I need to have one?

DBA stands for “doing business as.” It is an assumed name that a company uses to do Business other than its official name. It is not something mandatory that all companies need to follow. It’s just if you wish to represent your company with a different name other than your Texas registered Company name. You can pick a DBA. For that, you must file your Fictitious business name with the Texas Secretary of State Office.

For example, let’s assume you have a Pizza restaurant in Texas with the registered name “ABC LLC.” To make your Business more appealing to your customers, you can also run your Business with a fictitious and catchy name, like “Delicious Pizza makers. ” The scenario is possible only if you register your Company’s DBA name with the state.


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How to Choose a DBA for a business?

How to Choose a DBA for a business?

You can choose any name as your DBA as the rules are not as complicated as picking a trademark or entity name. Still, there are some essentials to follow while giving a DBA name to your Company. These are described as follows;

  • Do not use words like; “The United States” or “Federal” and “Trust” or “Bank.”
  • If your Company is not a registered corporation, do not pick words like “Incorporated,” Incorporation,” or “Inc.” in your DBA.
  • Choose a name that is somewhat similar to your registered Company’s name.

While filling your DBA, you might even require to notarize your important documents. You can use LottaLegal notary services for this.

Why choose LottaLegal for your Company Registration?

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an EIN?

EIN or Employer Identification Number is also referred to as FEIN or federal tax identification number. It is a nine-digit unique identification number given by the IRS (Internal Revenue Service) to businesses. Getting an EIN is significant due to following reasons;

  • Businesses gain access to hiring employees in their Company.
  • Businesses can open their merchant accounts.

Further, EIN Number Allotment helps the IRS to recognize businesses and check their tax status.

It is not necessary for Sole Proprietorships and single-member LLCs to have an EIN. However, getting an EIN can be a good idea due to its benefits.

How many DBAs can a business have?

As such, there is no limit regarding “certain times” a company can file for its DBA. However, registering for each DBA requires you to follow a similar process and file all the related additional paperwork with the state all over again.

With LottaLegal assistance, you don’t need to bother much. Our registered agents will handle document filing and submissions for you. Apply now to experience ease.

If I already have an EIN, do I have to take a new EIN if I change the name of my Company?

There is no need to get a different EIN Number if you picked a DBA for your Company. However, you have to file again for a new EIN in case of change in;

  • Management structure
  • Address of the Company
  • Registered Name of the Company
  • Tax status of the Company
  • Ownership of the Company

How to register a Company name in Texas?

To register your Company name in Texas, you need to follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • Choose the Entity Type as per your business structure.
  • Pick a business location in Texas where you want to set up your Business.
  • Term your Company with a unique and meaningful name.
  • Hire a registered agent to receive and send documents on your behalf to the state.
  • Register your Company with the Texas state by filing the necessary paperwork
  • .

  • Get an EIN Number from the IRS for your Business.
  • Apply for required licenses and permits as per your business requirements.
  • Lastly, open a Bank account to pay and receive business payments.

Does DBA require a separate EIN or Tax ID?

No, a DBA doesn’t require a distinct EIN or Tax ID. You can use the EIN Number that the IRS already gives you under your entity name.

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