Get Signed with Remote Online Notarization (RON)

No Appointment, No Walk-ins

End up the hassle of booking appointments and time consuming walk-ins with Remote Online Notarization. No matter where you are and which device you are using, connect with commissioned notary public instantly and get your important documents notarized in minutes.

Remote Online Notarization

A Quick Way to Get Your Paperwork Done in Minutes.

Ever took hassle of traveling to a notary public with your contract, Mortgage Loan, attorney documents in hand?

During your visit a thought might have came to your mind “How better it would have been if I didn’t need to visit and could complete everything from my home or office?”

Remote Online Notarization (RON) solves this problem for you. Through RON, you can connect with a notary professional commissioned in your area from a distant location. For that, all you need is a device (mobile, tablet, or computer) and a stable internet connection.

2012 is considered as the year of Notary Digitization. In this year, Virginia became the first state to permit enotary by using audio-visual conference technology. With the enactment of SB 827 and HB 2318, Notary public were permitted to sign any of your documents from a remote location.

The Online Process

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PDF Upload for Remote Online Notarization

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Upload a PDF in our online portal.

Submit Your state ID for Remote Online Notarization

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Connect with a notary public on video call.

Connect with a Notary Public through AV conferencing for Remote Online Notarization

Connect to Notary

Connect with a notary public on video call.

Download PDF notarized through Remote Online Notarization

Download Document

Instantly download or email your notarized doc.

RON is





Remote Online Notarization is Easy and Time Efficient.

RON is time efficient. It save you a lot of time which you will be spending otherwise for visiting a notary public in person. All you need to do is uploading your documents and connect with a notary public which barely takes 15 minutes of your time.

All Your Documentation is Encrypted.

During Online Process all your documents and sessions with notary pubic are kept private with end to end encryption. Its only you and the notary public who can have access to the those document.

Electronic Notarization is Legal Nationwide.

Virginia legalized Enotary by stating that, If you have a Social Security Number(SSN), you can get your paperwork signed by an Electronic notary commissioned in your area from any remote location.

RON is a Cost-Effective Solution for You.

Online notary service is more cheaper than your traditional notary. Choosing RON over traditional method means that you will end up saving a lot of money. RON cuts down your traveling costs as well.

Evade the Hassles of Traveling and Get Signed from Anywhere!

With Lottalegal’s 5-minute Remote Online Notarization process, you can let our professional notaries take care of your important documentation. 

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five star rating for Online Notary Service

“The process barely took 10 minutes. I wanted my son’s travel document notarized, and I had it without leaving my room. Thank you Lottalegal”

Darrell Wallace

five star rating for Online Notary Service

“In-depth verification, I must say! It made me more comfortable choosing online signatures for my documents. From now on, I promise, I won’t go in person.”

Julie M. Schaefer

five star rating for Online Notary Service

“fantastic experience with the person who notarized my paperwork. Did it for the first time, and results were satisfactory. Thank you.”

Brian Rooney