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How to register a company in Florida?

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Step – 1 Apply and fill up a simple form:

Apply on our portal and fill up a simple form mentioning your name, address, and necessary business details. After completing it, submit it on our portal.
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Step – 2 Connect with Registered Agents:

Once you submit the form, our Registered Agents will connect with you over an audio-video call to discuss your Business.
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Step – 3 Get your Business registered:

When our Registered Agents have all your required details, we will help you register your Company in Florida and provide you legal access to run a business in the United States.

Why Start Business in Florida?

When looking to begin a company in the United States, Florida can prove to be the land of opportunity for those looking to launch a new company. With the lowest tax deduction rate, Florida offers you a lot of chances to maximize your profits, and take your business to the next level.Unlike other states of the USA, there is no necessity for a “minimum capital digit” for starting a company in Florida.

Florida has a great potential to maximize your business growth in upcoming years. With its continuous efforts, the state created a business-friendly environment. High tech opportunities with cheap real estate and labor make Florida more attractive for people seeking a location to launch their Business. With highly educated and skilled working employees, possibilities for growth and success are infinite in Florida.

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▷Nonprofit Organization

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Kairo Mason

“Cooperative and Professional”

I was initially worried about doing it alone. Thank god you guys handled it all by yourself.


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Roman Burke

“Cooperative and Professional”

It was the best investment I ever made. Who wants to go through so much struggle? When Lottalegal can do it for you! ★★★★★
Maximilian Taylor
“Business Man”
The LLC registered agent was so knowledgeable. He not only helped me with the registration process but also provided me with excellent business advice. ★★★★★

Picking a Business Name.

Picking a business name is very important because that’s what describes your Company’s services and goals and marks the Company’s uniqueness in the market. Basically Business needs to pick the following names;

Entity Name:

Entity name protects your Company and provides you with ownership over a particular name as your Company’s name in Florida. Hereby, while choosing a name for your Company you need to make sure that it is:

  • unique
  • defines your brand
  • describe the niche it operates under

It’s better to research and come up with a name that some other Company or organization isn’t already using.


Keeping Florida as the prime location if you wish to spread the roots of your company throughout the nation. you need a trademark name for better protection. Once your company’s name gets trademarked, no one can use your trademark name and provide your Company with exclusivity in the industry. If anyone chooses your trademark name, their Company can be subject to a trademark violation lawsuit.


DBA is not required, but if you want to choose a fictitious name in your Company’s market, you need to get registered first. As such, there won’t be many legal protections, but it would be better if you do so. With the help of a DBA and Federal Tax ID number, you will be able to open a business account in Florida.

Domain name:

If you wish to expand your Business and reach customers on a global level, you can take your business online. To make a website for your Company, you have to pick a domain name that will be different from other websites. The URL of your website will be your business address for all the virtual customers to locate your services on the internet.

Once you choose the name, Lottalegal can help you register your Company!

▷ What is a DBA, and do you need one?

DBA (Doing Business As) or a fictitious name or Trade name is different from the company name. Once you register this name with the Florida Department of State, you will be able to use DBA to do Business instead of your company name. It is not required or mandatory for every Company to register a DBA unless they are looking forward to using a different name other than the “corporate name” to carry Business in the state. One thing should be clear to you that despite registering a DBA, you don’t hold the claim on that fictitious name; any other company can use the same Fictitious name. For example, suppose your Company’s name is “XYZ”, and you want to use the fictitious name “Delicious burgers” by registering the fictitious name. In that case, you will be able to sell burgers by utilizing this fictitious name or DBA in the market.

▷ Why choose LottaLegal for your Company Registration?

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Lottalegal offer Company Registration services in all the states of the United States.
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Speedy Process:

We gather customer information with our easy-to-use automated system with Updated technology.

24/7 Available

Available 24*7

Got any a query or are stuck in the process, feel free to call or ping our CCE team, which is happy to help you 24*7.
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Lottalegal offer Company Registration services in all the states of the United States.
Award-Winning Mobile Apps

Speedy Process:

We gather customer information with our easy-to-use automated system with Updated technology.

24/7 Available

Available 24*7

Got any a query or are stuck in the process, feel free to call or ping our CCE team, which is happy to help you 24*7.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an EIN?

A nine-digit number given by the IRS to companies is called a federal tax identification number or FEIN or FEI or just an Employer Identification Number (EIN). This EIN is significant and used;

  • To identify the business entities and taxpayers by the federal government.
  • By the Companies, if they have hired employees to run their Business.
  • By the business entities to open merchant accounts.

What is a nonprofit corporation?

Nonprofit corporations are businesses made with the sole purpose of serving the public or a community. By incorporating your corporation, you make it clear to the state that your corporation doesn’t make a profit for your private interests. Once registered as a nonprofit corporation, your Business will have the following unique benefits:
  • Limited Liability protection
  • Qualify for Tax-exempt status with the IRS
  • Open to accepting funds from state and federal government grants.
If your corporation serves any of the following purposes, you can register it as a non-profit Florida division of corporations.
  • Education
  • Literature
  • Testing for Public Safety
  • Religious practice
  • Science
  • Charity
  • Promoting national or International Beginner Sports Competitions
  • Preventing Cruelty to Children or Animals

What is the structure of a corporation in Florida?

  • Shareholders own a corporation( 100 or less in S-corp and infinite in C-corp)
  • A stakeholder can be an officer of the corporation and act as a member of the Board of Directors too.
  • Florida Registration laws allow only one person to open a corporation and serve as a single stockholder, director, and sole officer.

If I already have an EIN, do I have to take a new EIN if I change the name of my Company?

IRS might demand you to change or replace your EIN under any of the following conditions:
  • Change in address of the Company
  • Change in management structure
  • Change in the name of the Company
  • Change in ownership of the Company
  • Change in tax status of the Company

Who can register your

Company in Florida?

You will be allowed to register a company in Florida if:

  • Your Company is physically located in Florida.
  • You carry in-person meetings in Florida often.
  • Your Company’s significant revenue comes from Florida.
  • Some employees of your Company work in Florida.
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