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 Online Notary: A step-by-step process for 2021

Notarize Your Documents Online.

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Need a Notary professional to sign your important documents but don’t have time for walk-ins? Don’t worry! We have made the process easier for you. Connect to a notary public online and get your documents notarized in minutes.

Lottalegal Notary Public

Lottalegal’s Online Notary

Meets All Your Needs.

We are here for a change! We constantly work on making the process of notarization as easier as possible for you. At some point, we all have some documents that are meant to be testified for which we have to go to different places that consumes both time and money, and still there is no guarantee of notary public’s availability. We at Lottalegal fully understand that how valuable you time is, and that us why we offer both online notary and mobile notary solutions.

Our signing agents are available for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 30 days a month and 365 days an year. All we need from you is to provide us with time you are comfortable with. Our signing agent will be available for you whether online or at any location you want them to be at.

The Online Process

Easy, Fast, and Secure.

PDF Upload for Remote Online Notarization

Upload Your Document

Upload a PDF in our online portal.

Submit Your state ID for Remote Online Notarization

Verify Your Identity

The notary will Verify Your Identity.
Connect with a Notary Public through AV conferencing for Remote Online Notarization

Connect to Notary

Connect with a notary public on video call.

Download PDF notarized through Remote Online Notarization

Download Document

Instantly download or email your notarized doc.

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Our Online Process is Quick & Streamlined.

Do you know what makes us unique? Our Smooth and Swift Online Process. For us, every single minute of your time counts. That is why we strive to deliver your documentation at the earliest.

Your Security is Our Topmost Concern

We understand the meaning of Security, and we constantly work to improve and make it safe for your use. Our online notarization portal is encrypted and 20x Secure than visiting a conventional notary.

Our Service will Never Let You Down.

You may have a lot of work to do in a day. We have just one, taking care of your legal needs. Whether it is Notarization, bookkeeping, or company registration, we promise you to take care of everything.

Our Platform is Convenient for You, That’s Our Promise.

Our platform is straightforward to use. We won’t ask you to make appointments or visit places to get your work completed. You can legal services anytime you want and from anywhere in the world.

Here is What We are Best at.

At Lottalegal we provide every legal service to meet every business’s or real estate’s day to day goals. However, that We specialize in.

Remote Online Notary icon

Remote Online Notary:

We will help you to connect with online notaries over an audio-video call and notarize your documents from anywhere.

Company Registration icon

Company Registration:

We can give you the legal access to start and extend your business in the United States by registering your company.

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Our professional bookkeepers can help you manage your accounting books with great precision.
Mobile Notary

Mobile Notary

Our mobile notaries can meet you at your designated place and your preferred time to notarize your document.

Let’s Get Notarized!

Start by uploading your documents online and we will take care of the rest for you.

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Read what Our Clients Say about us…

five star rating for Online Notary Service

“Lottalegal was very assistive in getting my required paperwork notarized. If I ever require my documents to be notarized in the future, I will use them for sure!”

Michael Knispel

five star rating for Online Notary Service

“Great Service. I wanted my contract to be notarized but didn’t have time. Their service helped me to get everything done remotely.”

Jessica Wittenborn

five star rating for Online Notary Service

“Quick, easy, and reasonably priced! Used their service to get my business’s legal paperwork notarized! Everything hardly took 5 minutes! Excellent.”

Jason Wright

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Lottalegal?

Lottalegal has been an online platform providing online notary services in the U.S. for the past three years. We give the following services:

  • Attorney Closing
  • Mobile notary
  • Mortgage loans
  • Real Estate notary and lots more.
  • Click to know more
What is remote online notarization (RON)?

Remote online notarization is also known as RON. It is a type of notarization service in which the notary connects with the client through an audio-video call to notarize the documents. Just like a traditional notarization, in RON, too, the notary goes through all the legalities properly. However, it is safer and more convenient than conventional ways.

Can a notary come to my home?

Yes, the eNotary service allows the client to set up a meeting with the notary public at any suitable location. That is why you can book an appointment with a notary at your home too.

Can a document be notarized remotely?

Yes, you can notarize your documents remotely at the comfort of your home with the help of Remote Online Notarization.

Can I notarize a real estate closing from anywhere?

You can get a document notarized with remote online notarization process. For that, you need the U.S. Social Security Number (SSN) and an I.D. card, claiming your residency in the U.S, in real estate closing notarization.

The documents mentioned above are mandatory documents that the notary will require to verify your U.S residency during RON. In that case, it won’t matter whether you are present in or outside the country while notarizing the documents.

However, you can double-check this query with our CCE team before applying to notarize your documents.

I have some queries related to my application; whom can I contact?

If you have any queries, you can contact our CCE team, available 24*7*365 days to resolve your problems.

What happens during an online notarization session?

Once you apply on Lottalegal for RON, our notary public will contact you to carry the following process. You have to click on the start button and press connect to meet the notary online.
The notary public will firstly confirm your identity through your provided documents. After the evaluation, the notary will sign an electrical document and ask you to do the same. Then the notary will attach a notarization seal. A secure public key is applied to seal documents in pdf or word file form. Once you leave the meeting, you can immediately download notarized documents.

How do I prepare my computer for an online notarization?

To use an online notary session on Lottalegal, you need a basic web browser like google chrome or apple safari. A video camera, speaker and a microphone are mandatory. Both the notary and signer should have a good quality internet connection to carry the process smoothly.

Does California Allow Remote Online Notarization?

Yes, as per the AB-1093, Remote Online Notarization is legal in the state of California

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