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Every business now has access to Lottalegal’s Online Bookkeeping Service in California. All your bookkeeping needs will be taken care of on a single platform. We are well aware of the requirements of every type of business in the industry in California. We have bookkeeping experts who can solve accounting problems in your businesses and provide you with a suitable solution.
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Why is Lottalegal good at Virtual Bookkeeping Service?

  • Our financial reports are accurate as they are prepared by professionals with years of experience
  • We include every tiny detail in our reports needed at the time of taxation
  • We use the state of the art technology and software to keep your data encrypted and up to date
  • The size of a business does not affect our ability to provide quality service.

How Does It Work?

1. Connect to the expert – We will connect you with an expert with relative experience from our team of professionals who will analyze your requirements and start planning.
2. Accounting Books – The expert bookkeeper will begin work on your financial books and will access your financial statements securely to get track of your accounts.
3. Reporting – Comprehensive financial reports will be provided to you every month which can be readily used for filing tax returns.
How does Bookkeeping work in California
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What are online bookkeeping services?

  • You won’t have to worry about anything while filing taxes as your accounting reports will be ready with every required information just in time.
  • No need to hire and maintain an accountant specifically for bookkeeping when we can provide direct services to you
  • With your financial records managed, you will be able to track and get better profits
  • You need to focus on running the business rather than struggling with the accounts.


Expandable – As your business expands our services can expand as well and you don’t have to worry about your increasing accounting requirements. We adjust our services according to your business needs.
Stressless – We are a remote service but our services are even better than in-house accountants. We relieve you of the stress of hiring an in-house professional as we already have a team of experienced ones.
Accurate – Our focus at Lottalegal is to provide accuracy in the financial reports. Our experts use the best of their knowledge and experience to achieve this accuracy so that our clients do not have to deal with any accounting errors.
Profitable – We help businesses to increase their profitability by providing a detailed analysis of their expenses and income. We also help them to do financial planning in a better way and reduce additional expenses.
Bookkeeping benefits of California

“No more worrying about bookkeeping”

Frequently Asked Question

Is Virtual Bookkeeping Safe?

Information security is one of the main concerns for every business with most of the information being present online. Our aim at Lottalegal is to provide bookkeeping services in the most secure way. Our team uses the latest available version of the software which reduces the risks. The technology used is also up to date to keep our network secure.

How do I start getting bookkeeping help?

You can connect with one of our experts as soon as you fill up the contact form or drop an email at our email address. The bookkeeping expert will analyze your business requirements and start working on a plan to straighten up your accounting books.

How are financial reports beneficial?

Business owners are often not able to find out the exact place where all their profit is going. Financial reports can be used to find the exact reason for unnecessary expenses so that the business can turn out to be profitable. Only experienced bookkeepers like the ones available at Lottalegal can prepare detailed financial reports that can be easily understood. It is the responsibility of a bookkeeper to create financial reports every month to keep track of all the transactions and make accounting clutter-free.

How can Lottalegal help a small business?

Small business is the most struggling category in the industry. They often struggle with budgeting and accounting. Our Lottalegal team provides online accounting services for small businesses which can help them by providing a simple-to-understand financial structure. This could allow businesses to plan their strategy in an effective and efficient way.

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