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End up the hassle of booking appointments and time consuming walk-ins with online notarization. No matter where you are and which device you are using, connect with commissioned notary public instantly and get your important documents notarized in minutes.
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Status of Online Notary in Virginia

In the year 2011, Virginia’s Governor Bob McDonnell signed the bill and gave the green flag to Virginia’s notaries for carrying notarizations over webcam. Here, it really meant the legalization of Remote Online Notarization for the very first time in the United States.

The main aim to legalize RON those days was to halt “Robo-signings” in Virginia. The state was concerned with the incline of notarization frauds. For that very reason, they wanted to;

  • Raise the security of notarial acts
  • Decline chances of fraud
  • Improve convenience concerning notarial acts, especially for disabled patients.

After legalization in 2011, commissioned notaries started remote online notarization when the law came into action in 2012. With the legalization of Remote online Notarization, Virginia controlled frauds; leveled up security and convenience for both signers and notaries.

The legalization gave new meaning to the mandatory notarization requirement, i.e., “personal appearance.” The new law clearly explained to the notaries how to carry out notarization, verify the signer’s identity, use e-Signatures e-Seal, and maintain Electronic journals.

Long before the other states realized the importance of Remote Online notarization during Covid-pandemic, Virginia was quite familiar with RON. Notaries were well-aware of the process of Remote Online Notarization, and so were the signers. Therefore, notarization activities were smoothly running in Virginia
even during the pandemic.

How to Get Your Documents Notarized Online

See How Easily You Can Get Signed.

PDF Upload for Remote Online Notarization

Upload Your Document

Upload a PDF in our online portal.

Submit Your state ID for Remote Online Notarization

Verify Your Identity

Verify your Identity to the public notary.
Connect with a Notary Public through AV conferencing for Remote Online Notarization

Connect to Notary

Connect with a notary public on video call.

Download PDF notarized through Remote Online Notarization

Download Document

Instantly download or email your notarized doc.

RON is





Remote Online Notarization is Easy and Time Efficient.

RON is time efficient. It save you a lot of time which you will be spending otherwise for visiting a notary public in person. All you need to do is uploading your documents and connect with a notary public which barely takes 15 minutes of your time.

All Your Documentation is Encrypted.

During Online Process all your documents and sessions with notary pubic are kept private with end to end encryption. Its only you and the notary public who can have access to the those document.

Electronic Notarization is Legal Nationwide.

Virginia legalized Enotary by stating that, If you have a Social Security Number(SSN), you can get your paperwork signed by an Electronic notary commissioned in your area from any remote location.

RON is a Cost-Effective Solution for You.

Online notary service is more cheaper than your traditional notary. Choosing RON over traditional method means that you will end up saving a lot of money. RON cuts down your traveling costs as well.

Evade the Hassles of Traveling and Get Signed from Anywhere!

With Lottalegal’s 5-minute Remote Online Notarization process, you can let our professional notaries take care of your important documentation. 

Remote Online Notarization: Online Application Guide - Step-by-step (Updated 2022))

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What Is a Remote Online Notary in Virginia?

An Online notary public or a virtual notary public is an individual who connects with signers via an audio-video call to notarize their documents. The notary public must be commissioned as a notary by the Secretary of the Commonwealth to practice remote online notarization in Virginia. The commissioned Notary is responsible for verifying the signer’s identity, ensuring that the signer knows the document’s intent and is signing the document willingly!

Once the Notary is convinced of the signer’s identity, the Notary public notarizes the digital documents using e-signature and e-Seal. Further, to level up the safety of the notarized documents, the notary public binds the notarized document with a secure public key.

What are the powers of a remote notary in Virginia?

As per Title 47.1. Notaries and Out-of-State Commissioners of Code of Virginia, the powers and roles of the Notary are as follows;

  • Take acknowledgments
  • Administer the oaths and affirmations
  • Certify that a copy of the document is true
  • Attest affidavits or depositions of witnesses
  • Conduct Verification of the Fact
  • Practice other notarial acts permitted by law.

How is an Online Notary different from a traditional Notary?

An online notary is the same as a traditional notary, but the difference lies in fact that;

  • Online Notary meets signers through audio-video conferences.
  • Online notaries use e-signature and e-Seal instead of inked signatures and seals. Additionally, an online notary binds the documents with a secure public key to raise security.
  • Online notaries maintain an electronic journal instead of a paper journal to record all the notarizations.
  • Does a Signer “Personally Appear” in the Presence of an Online Notary Public?

    No, and that’s what makes online notarization unique. In simple words, the signer doesn’t need to appear in front of the notary public “physically”.

    “Personal appearance” can be achieved by audio-video call, without the need of the notary public nor the signer to change their location. Still, during this audio-video call signer needs to provide complete information and cooperate with the notary public to complete the notarization.

    Looking at the level of convenience, most people use online notarization in Virginia.

    What is the process of signing the document online in Virginia?

    With Lottalegal, the process to notarize your documents is easier than ever. We have a team of state-commissioned notary publics that will notarize your documents without your need to leave your place. We have a simple 3 step notarization process that goes as follows;

  • Upload your documents:
  • Firstly you need to visit our site and fill in a simple form mentioning your necessary information. Don’t forget to mention the type of document you want to
    notarize. Once you complete the form, upload a soft copy of the document that requires notarization and submit your application.

  • Connect with state-commissioned notaries:
  • After you fill in your form and upload your documents, our state-commissioned Notary will connect with you over a video call to carry out the notarization process.

    The Notary public will use KBN techniques to verify your authenticity. Once assured, the notary public will notarize your documents. This part of the process hardly takes 20 minutes to complete.

  • Download notarized documents:
  • With the completion of notarization, the Notary public will share your documents via your provided email address. You can download your notarized documents anytime and save them for future use.

    The whole process is safe and secure. In case of any doubt, feel free to contact our customer care team, who are happy to help you 24*7.

    What is the necessary information that a notary must add to a notarial certificate?

    A document is counted as an authentic notarized document only if the attached notarial certificate contains the following information:

    • Notarial statement
    • Date of the notarization
    • Location where notarization carried out
    • Expiration date of the Notary’s commission
    • E-signature of Notary
    • Registration number of Notary
    • E seal of the Notary
    • County/city within Virginia where the notary public is physically located during the notarization
    • Whether the notary notarized documents via in-person or by remote notarization.

    What type of documents can you use to verify your identity to the virtual Notary in Virginia?

    You can submit any of the following unexpired identity proofs to verify your identity at the time of notarization:

    • United States Passport Book
    • United States Passport Card
    • Certificate of United States citizenship
    • Certificate of naturalization
    • Foreign passport
    • Alien registration card with photograph
    • State-issued driver’s license or an identification card, or a United States military card

    What is Copy Certification?

    “Copy certification” is a type of notarization in which the Notary;

    • Notarize the document that is not public record
    • Supervises copying documents by employing the photographic or electronic copying process
    • Matches the original document to the copy
    • And make sure the copy is complete and authentic.

    How does a notary verify the signer’s authenticity?

    As per laws, a notary verifies the authenticity of the signer by any of the following options;

    • Personal knowledge (Using identity proofs if the Notary doesn’t personally know the signer)
    • Oath or affirmation of one credible witness
    • Signer’s digital certificate that is certified either by biometrics or Personal Identity Verification (PIV) card or PIV card issued by following strict government standards from the National Institute of Standards and Technology.

    While opting for RON, you can verify your identity simply by submitting your authentic identity proof to the Notary. A Credible witness isn’t required unless the document especially demands notarization in the presence of one or two witnesses.

    How can a notary verify a children’s identity?

    A guardian, parent, any responsible party, or child themselves needs to submit necessary identity proofs to verify a child’s identity for notarization. Below 18 individuals can use the Identity proofs that are mentioned in the “Identity proofs for the above 18″( Of course, not the IDs specially allotted after 18).

    You can check out this link if you want any information on notarization that involves below 18 individuals.

    How Do I Download the Notarized Document?

    Once your document is notarized, the Notary public will send your notarized documents soon after updating their electronic journal. After completing the audio-video call, it won’t take more than a few minutes before you receive your notarized document. You can download your documents from your email and save them on your device or print them.

    How does Virginia’s Virtual Notary keep its records?

    A notary is obliged to maintain an electronic journal to record each notarization. The electronic journal must contain each and every piece of information concerning all the notarizations. The Notary must also keep a backup of its electronic journal, supposing the primary journal is lost or damaged in the future.

    The Notary must include the following information in their electronic notarization;

  • Time and Date of notarization
  • Type of notarization
  • Type, title, or a description of the notarizing the document or the proceeding
  • Name and address of signers
  • Identification type used to verify the identity signers
  • Payment notary charged for notarization
  • Recording of notarization
  • The Notary should safely maintain the electronic journal for at least five years from the transaction’s Date.

    How Much Can an Online Notary Charge in Virginia?

    A virtual notary can charge $59 to notarize a single signing as per the laws. Now, in order to examine how much your document signings will cost you, you can add up the cost for each signature.

    If you seek an affordable online notary in Virginia, we can connect you with our Virginia commissioned notaries. Our cost for a single signing is $59. However, we have special packages cheaper than any other online notary in Virginia.

    To get more information,check out our pricing page and choose the package that best suits you.

    How To Notarize Something Online in Virginia?

    Choosing RON is not only convenient, but it is affordable too. After getting familiar with the benefits of RON, you won’t even consider traditional and slow notarization ways.

    Lottalegal is the best Remote online notarization platform in Virginia. Our state-commissioned notaries are available 24*7 to assist you and notarize your documents. Our process to notarize the documents goes as follows;

    Fill in a simple form our portable giving your basic details, and upload documents that need to be notarized
    A commissioned notary will connect you via audio-video call
    Once the Notary notarizes the document, you can download them from your provided email.

    Apply now to notarize the documents from the comfort of your home!

    How Is a Document Signed?

    You can choose Lottalegal to get your documents signed in Virginia. To initiate the process, you need to upload documents on our portal. After this, a notary will contact you via audio-video call and explain to you the whole process. Firstly Notary will make sure that;

  • Your identity is authentic
  • You know the purpose of the document
  • You are signing the document willingly.
  • During the audio-video call, the Notary will record the whole session to keep it as a record in their electronic journal. Once assured that your identity is authentic, the Notary will ask you to sign the document. Then they will attach a notarial certificate containing the Notary’s signature, seal, notary statement, etc. The whole process will hardly take 20 minutes, and just after notarization completion, you will receive the notarized document in the email box.

    What Types of Documents Can Be Notarized In Virginia via RON?

    Whether you are selling a car or getting one for you, you will need a notary to notarize your official documents. Similarly, your state must demand you notarize your Will, trust, loan, real estate documents. Mandatory or not, some documents can be notarized just for safety purposes or to avoid future disputes if someone challenges the singer’s authenticity of a particular document.

    CLICK HERE to check complete information regarding the type of documents you can notarize in Virginia!

    Which States Allow RON?

    Remote Online Notarization is legalized in the following states of the United States:

      • Alabama
      • Alaska
      • Arizona
      • Arkansas
      • California
      • Colorado
      • Delaware(Temporary)
      • Florida
      • Georgia(Temporary)
      • Hawaii
      • Idaho
      • Illinois
      • Indiana
      • Iowa
      • Kansas
      • Kentucky
      • Louisiana
      • Connecticut
      • Maine(temporary)
      • Maryland
      • Massachusetts(temporary)
      • Michigan
      • Minnesota
      • Mississippi(Temporary)
      • Missouri
      • Montana
      • Nebraska
      • Nevada
      • New Hampshire
      • New Jersey
      • New Mexico
      • New York
      • North Carolina(Temporary)
      • North Dakota
      • Ohio
      • Oklahoma
      • Oregon
      • Pennsylvania
      • Rhode Island( Temporary)
      • South Dakota
      • Tennessee
      • Texas
      • Utah
      • Vermont
      • Virginia
      • Washington
      • West Virginia
      • Wisconsin
      • and Wyoming

      However, RON is Prohibited in DC, and till now, there is no guidance regarding RON in South Carolina.

    Is Virtual Notarization safe?

    We understand that switching to new ways can seem a little risky at first. But, trust us, RON is safe and secure. However, it would be best to choose a trustable notarization service provider as there are many boogers out there too.

    To avoid getting yourself into some scam and at the same time savor the benefits of RON, you can choose a trustable platform like “Lottalegal.”

    We assure you that your confidential information will be safe with us if you choose our services. We keep all the notarization audio-video sessions encrypted to level up the security and record them as strictly instructed by state rules to do so. Our notaries save signers’ information in their electronic journals for at least five years. As described by the state laws, we are obliged to delete the signer’s whole data after five years from the Date of notarization.

    Why Choose Lottalegal?

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    With our end-to-end encrypted technology, your confidential information is completely safe and secure with Lottalegal.
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    We have cut down the hassle of visiting a notary as our online notaries are just one click away from your screens.

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    Our state-commissioned notaries are available 24*7 to notarize your documents from anywhere and anytime.

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    five star rating for Online Notary Service

    “In-depth verification, I must say! It made me more comfortable choosing online signatures for my documents. From now on, I promise, I won’t go in person.”

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