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How to register a company in the USA?

Step – 1
Give us your details:

Fill in a simple form on our portal mentioning all the necessary details about you and your United State business in the form. Once done, submit the form online.

Step – 2
Connect over audio-video call:

After submitting the form, connect with our experts over an audio-video call and answer a few questions regarding your business.

Step – 3
Get your Company registered:

After we have all the required information about your business, we will register your Company in the USA and file all the essential paperwork.

Once done, you will get a confirmation message and registration approval via your email.

Company Registration Services

Sole Proprietor LLC    S Corporation C Corporation  
Limited Liability Protection
Simple Management structure:
Double Taxation
Non U.S. residents access


No more worrying about Company Registration

Boons Of Registering Your Company

▷Attract Investors

By incorporating your Company as S or C corporation, you can raise the capital by allowing shareholders to invest. If you switch to C Corporation, you can collaborate with infinite shareholders too.

▷Protect personal assets

Personal Liability protection that comes with Company registration, either as LLC or a C or S Corporation, will protect your assets from creditors. Thus it aids the safety of your personal and family money.

▷ Showcase at a higher level

Registering your Company helps you meet customer over-cities, over-states, and even overseas. Hence customer approach expands to a much bigger grade by putting your services online.

▷ Tax Profit

Sole proprietorships when switching to LLC by registering their Company, tax cuts will reduce to a small scale. It is because the government offers special tax deductions to the customers who incorporate their Companies.

▷ Pass for Non-U.S. Residents

Irrespective of your residential Country, you can start or even expand your business in the United States by registering the Company with the U.S. government by accurately providing all required details.

▷ Easy to raise revenue:

Once you mark your legitimacy by registering a company in the USA, you gain trust among the bank authorities; thus, loan approvals become effortless. Along with this, it will also help you to access different business insurance plans.

▷ Build reputation:

Registering your Company builds a reputation of your Company that marks trust and confidence among the customers. Subsequently, your Company will mark a unique place in the industry.

▷ Immortality:

The Company will be able to run and expand even after you are gone or step back from the Company’s ownership. It is due to the reason that a registered company is its own entity.

▷ Easy to pass ownership:

A registered company will have more clear funding and other business infrastructures. Therefore, it would be easy for the owner party to pass the company lineage to their offspring or other desired party.

▷ Better Branding

Registering your Company not only turns a company into a known Brand but also forbids the misuse of your Company’s possessions without your consent.

Why choose Lottallegal for your Company Registration?

Spread throughout

Spread throughout:

Lottalegal can register companies in almost every state of the United States.

Low price image company registration

Low Price:

With no hidden charges, our services are much cheaper than other platforms.

 Speedy Process

Speedy Process:

We gather customer information with our easy-to-use automated system with Updated technology.

Expert Assistance company registration

Expert Assistance:

Our Law experts are ready to help you and advise you on the best option to choose related to your business requirements.

encryption approach CR

Encrypted approach:

Security is our topmost concern. With an End to End Encrypted approach, we ensure that the information shared during the process remains confidential.

24*7 CCE Support

24*7 CCE Support

Got any a query or are stuck in the process, feel free to call or ping our CCE team, which is happy to help you 24*7.






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five star rating for Online Notary Service

I was so nervous about starting a new company and all the necessary legalities that it requires! But Lottalegal made everything so simple for me. Thanks!

Seymour Richard

five star rating for Online Notary Service

I had no time to register and go through all the paperwork. Just providing the required information once, Lottalegal handled it all by themselves.

Wesley Arroyo

five star rating for Online Notary Service

I tried to do it myself! Trust me; I ended up so entangled in the paperwork! My partner suggested choosing Lottalegal; thank goodness we did.

Miguel Carrillo

five star rating for Online Notary Service

Lottaleagl has been essential in our beginning stages of business. They are responsive and understanding and also great at explaining any things that I don’t understand


Bookkeeping FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an LLC?
LLC is a United States form of a Private Limited company. It stands for Limited Liability Corporation, and it provides a special type of protection to its owner. The LLC’s owner and owner’s family’s assets are always guarded against legal claims concerning the LLC.
What is a C-Corporation?
A company that more than 100 shareholders own comes under the category of C-corporation. The Board of directors manages the whole Corporation for smooth management. Just like in LLC, the shareholders have limited Liability access, but the difference lies in the taxation system. Along with the dividends, the Corporation also has to pay taxes. Therefore the C-corp is subject to double taxation. A C-corporation can switch to S-Corporation after the approval by IRS(Internal Revenue Service).
What is an S-Corporation?
An S-corporation is referred to as a small business corporation. It is somewhat a blend of a C-corp and an LLC. It is because an S-Corp has cooperative status like that of a C-corp and tax benefits along with protections like that of an LLC. Therefore, S-corp has limited liability access and doesn’t require paying double taxation at corporate along with the usual personal level tax paid by the shareholders. Usually, an S-corp is owned by not more than 100 shareholders.
How can you switch from an S corporation to a C corporation?
If the majority of shareholders are fine with the switch, you can easily switch from S- Corporation to a C-Corporation or vice versa after the approval of the IRS.
Will I have to travel to the USA for my Company Registration?
No, you don’t need to. Your physical location doesn’t matter to meet company registration criteria in the U.S. Lottalegal can help you with this. No matter where you are, with our experts’ help, we can register your Company in the United States.
Does a foreigner require a VISA to start a business in the USA?
No, not at all! You can start a business and register that too with the United States government, but you don’t require a VISA. However, if you wish to come to the United States to manage your business, you will definitely require a VISA.
Can non-citizen and non-residentials of the U.S. choose company registration?
Yes, non-citizens and non-residential can register LLC and C-corporation. But nonresident aliens cannot register an S-Corporation in the United States.
How can I find the registration number of a company registered in the USA?
You just need to visit your registered state portal. Here you can easily find your Company’s registration number.
How to open a company in USA?
To open a company in the United States, you need to register it in the USA either as an LLC, C-corporation, or an S-corporation.
What is Federal EIN?

Federal EIN is a 9-digit Employer Identification Number that the IRS issues to business entities in the United States. It is used during the registration process by an LLC or C-corporation. To verify your Company for federal tax purposes, it is regarded as the business equivalent of a Social Security number.

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