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Can I Notarize my documents using Remote Online Notarization?

Many states have legalized Remote Online Services in the United States, including California. Therefore, if you are a resident of Los Angeles, California, you can use Remote Online Notarization to notarize your documents.

Looking at the benefits of RON, Choosing RON is a more clever option, too! If you have something much better to choose from, why stick to old-school ways! Safer, Faster, and easy-to-use attributes are enough to convince oneself to pick RON over notarization ways.

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How Can An Online Notary Public in Los Angeles Help you?

An Online notary Public in Los Angeles can help you notarize your documents. Once the notary public is assured that;

  • You are a verified citizen of California
  • You understand the intent of the document
  • You are not signing the document under someone’s pressure.

Afterward, the notary public will witness your signature and attach a notarial certificate to notarize your document. You can easily use your notarized document for its required purpose.

How to Notarize documents Online in Los Angeles?

Notarizing your documents in Los Angeles is Easy with LottaLegal’s RON service. You will be able to connect with commissioned notaries from your home. Here’s how you can get started.

Fill up and Submit your Form Online:

Start by filling up our form online by mentioning all the required details and submitting it on our portal. Don’t forget to mention the type of document you wish to notarize.

Connect with the licensed notary public

Afterward, a California’s commissioned notary public will connect with you over an audio-video call. Once the notary public is assured of your identity, they will notarize your document.

Receive and download your document via E-mail.

Once your document is notarized, the notary public will send a notarized document to your email. You can download it and print it for its use.

Why should I Notarize documents in Los Angeles via Remote Online Notarization?

There are so many benefits of notarizing documents online. A few of them are described as follows:

Error Minimization:

Unlike in traditional notarization, where it was easier to miss some signatures or make any other mistakes in paper documents, RON won’t let that happen. It is because there are minimal chances of error in RON. After all, missed details get highlighted in electronic documents during Remote online notarization. Therefore, documents notarized with RON have an assurance of insignificant mistakes.

Safe and secure:

Due to the online session recording requirement, end-to-end encrypted approach, Tamper evident feature in electronic documents, moreover the government’s approval to carry RON, no one can doubt the safeness of Remote Online Notarization. Further, California’s law officials have cited guidelines for the notaries to carry out RON without compromising the integrity of the notarial act.

Pocket Friendly:

When you choose the Remote Online Notarization service, you don’t require to pay extra charges for traveling as you will be able to access the Notary Public without leaving your location. The plus point is that online document signing charges are fixed. You can get special offers for bulk signings if you wish to notarize more than one document.


Convenience in RON doesn’t limit only to eliminating the need to move from your location. RON also cuts the headache one has to go through while managing all the paperwork in traditional notarization. Electronic documents are easy to handle, and with the saving option on your PC or mobile, there is no risk of misplacing them.


RON cuts the hassle of visiting the notary and waiting in lines wasting your precious time that was obvious in traditional notarization. Well, that won’t be a problem with RON as it cuts the extra time you require to invest to meet the notary. The Notary public will connect with you online in less than 24 hours of applying for RON service.

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