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Online Notary Service: Overview, Benefits, and Its Process

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Last Updated: 27th Mar 2022
Online Notary Service provider
If you are looking to notarize your documents for the first time, it might seem a little overwhelming. You must be questioning yourself, “Where do I even start?”, right?

Does the term online notary service have crossed your ears? Still, you have no idea what in the world is that?

In this situation, let us explain the Online notary service by breaking the whole process into something more digestible. Once you understand fundamental terms, you will be able to notarize your papers effortlessly. But before diving into the topic, first of all, let us explain what is really an Online Notary?

What is an online notary?

An online notary is also called a remote notary. As the name suggests, a notary serves the client remotely from the net, so it is called a remote notary.

An online notary is a legitimately licensed notary that can carry a notarization process over the internet via video call.

In the United States, Virginia was the first state to approve notary public remotely to carry the online process to notarize the documents in 2012. The state agreed that this online process could substitute for the traditional notarization method in which physical presence was mandatory. After this, online notary services became legal in other states too.

The law permits online notary only if ID verification, tamper-proofing, and document retention are done appropriately without any mistake.


Our Notarization Process

1. Fill up the online application with your details.

2. Upload Your Documents

3. Get Approved and Receive your Documents On Your Email.

Should You Choose Online Notarization?

With digitalization, other services came into the market like eNotary service, mobile notary services, and many more. However, the online notary service has always been a hub among ordinary people. It is mainly due to the following reasons:

  • Less time consuming:
  • An online notarization is less time-consuming in comparison to conventional notarization. In the old notary process, you used to visit the notary services provider leaving all your other work. Sometimes the notary isn’t available; that is why a single visit has never worked to attest your documents. However, with an online notary service.

  • Less costly and more systemized:
  • As the online service is available from the comfort of your home, you don’t need to visit anywhere; the cost of fuel and travel simply vanishes. Other than carrying your documents, printing them seemed to be very tacky and uncomfortable; however, having a soft copy of documents is a lot easier and more convenient with digitization.

  • Safe and secure:

  • We understand that it seems like another way around, but let us introduce you that an Online notarization is safer than the orthodox way of notarization. It is because the online session is recorded so that the notary can check any wrongdoing later. That is beneficial for both customer and notary as it acts as proof in case mishappening happens from any side. The online session is strict following HIPAA compliance, so your private and legal information is kept safe. The signed papers are sealed with a digital signing certificate which allows detection of any illegal changes in the document.

    The process to Apply for Online Notary

    The process of getting your documents notarized is quick and easy. Online notary service offers an easy and convenient system to notarize your documents in a few steps.

  • Upload your Document:
  • You can apply on the notary service site by initially uploading your documents through your computer by uploading it online. For that, save a soft copy of your documents by taking pictures from your cell phone and transferring it to your computer.

  • Connect with Legal Notary:
  • After applying, you will soon connect with a licensed notary agent over a video call. Prove your identity to the notary agent through valid resident proof. After evaluating your documents and consulting you over a call, the notary agent will notarize your documents.

  • Download your documents:
  • When the notary is done with your notarization, they will upload your notarised documents. You can download your documents through the email you used earlier to provide your information. The whole process is safe and secure. You can also call the CCE (customer care executive) team if you have any queries or issues while uploading your documents.

    Wrapping Up

    There you have it, all the terms and steps that will take you in the right direction to notarise whatever you want. Hopefully, you must have learned something valuable from this blog, which might help you get started! Apply now to get your documents notarized online in minutes, without any need to stand in long lines.

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    Last Updated: Sep 27, 2021

    Jasper Becky

    Jasper Becky


    Jasper Becky is a Famous legal writer. She was a notary public herself; at the same time, she loved writing and wrote some great pieces all along with her career as a notary. A few years back, she switched to full-time writing. Being a notary public in the past, she has excellent knowledge and has a nice grasp regarding laws and rules in America. She is a wife and mother of two girls plus one cute dog. She likes to spend time with her family and cook for them. 

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