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Can a Notary Notarize Their Own Signature or Documents? Here is what you don’t know..

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Last Updated: April 20, 2022

Can I notarize my own signature?
Indeed, when doctors get sick, they can decide their medications. Similarly, a banker can manage his own finances!

However, here comes a question;
Can a Notary Notarize Their Own Signature or Documents?

If you are a notary yourself, It’s normal for you to have questions like; What if I buy a property? Can I notarize my own signature?

Well, It’s a tricky question. Isn’t it?

However, the answer is simple, and that is NO!
You must be in a dilemma if you have a legal license to notarize the documents as a notary. Then how come you cannot notarize your own documents.

Keep reading to know why!

Firstly, let us tell you the key requirements for a notary to carry Notarization honestly and legally, and they are:

  • The notary should have no financial or any other benefit regarding the purpose of the notarizing documents.
  • The notary public serves all the basic roles of a notary.

Do you understand the above requirements?
If not, let us explain the statements mentioned above in a detailed way and how notarising your own documents will violate both.
Starting with;

Financial or any other Gain:

Obviously, you charge for your services to notarize their documents from the signer. Excluding that, as per laws, the notary must not have any type of profit, either financial or other benefits from the documents that they are notarising.

Apparently, a document serves the owner of the documents and benefits them in some sort. For example, a person who will want to notarize some property documents will help them by providing ownership of that property.

Now, if the notary notarizes their document themselves, the documents will directly benefit the notary by delivering them the purpose of those documents for which they were made initially.

Hence, it will violate the law, and for that very reason notarizing your own documents is regarded as an illegal offense. In simple words, a notary is an impartial or disinterested person about the goal the document is serving.

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Against Basic Role of A Notary:

Let us explain how to prepare for RON before opting for one. Go through the following steps one by one:

Do you know what the basic roles of a mobile notary public are? No matter what type of documents you as a notary notarising, you have to follow the following:

  • Verify the identity of the signer?
  • Make sure that the signer knows every intent of the document they are notarizing
  • The signer is signing documents with their own will and without the pressure of someone or some party.
  • You are responsible for notarizing the documents only after following the steps mentioned earlier as notary services. For sure, if you are a notary yourself and will notarize your documents, you must be fully aware of the intent of the documents.
    However, here the question is; Who will verify your identity? And secondly,, who will make sure you are not signing documents under some pressure?

    For any type of affidavits, Only a third person has the right to verify the signer’s identity, administer an oath or take an acknowledgment from the signer.

    Think of it this way.
    Don’t you think that you will violate the basic purpose of a notary by doing a self notarization?


  • In case the Notarization needs a witness, for sure notary can act as a witness here and sign the documents along with notarizing the documents of a signer. So, here a notary can act as a witness; still, in no case, a signer can act as a notary public.
  • Note: Notary can act as a witness and sign documents only where the notary doesn’t need to verify the identity of the witness. Most of the states demand witness verification too, so here notary cannot sign as a witness.

  • A notary can self-certify a copy of the original documents in states with an allowance to certify the signer’s copy of non-recordable documents. Similarly, in states where it is mandatory to keep a notary journal, the notary can self-certify documents from their journal entry.
  • Note: While self-certifying, the notary must follow proper Notarization by checking and approving that document copies are authentic. Similarly, in states where it is mandatory to keep a notary journal, the notary can self-certify documents from their journal entry.


    So, it’s clear from above only a third party who got nothing to do with the documents and transaction has the right to notarize the document. If you are a notary public or are one of the member signer’s parties who wants to get documents notarized, in no case you have the legal right to notarize your documents. You must be wondering if you cannot notarize your personal documents, then “How to get something notarized?”
    The answer is simple. Look for another state-certified notary public. For this, you can apply on Lottalegal.

    Believe Us, It Is Easy!

    Jasper Becky

    Jasper Becky


    Jasper Becky is a Famous legal writer. She was a notary public herself; at the same time, she loved writing and wrote some great pieces all along with her career as a notary. A few years back, she switched to full-time writing. Being a notary public in the past, she has excellent knowledge and has a nice grasp regarding laws and rules in America. She is a wife and mother of two girls plus one cute dog. She likes to spend time with her family and cook for them. 

    1. Larry

      If a person holds a license to notarize the documents, why can’t they notarize their own ones too?

      • Roma Zhaboedov

        Firstly, the person who notarizes the documents must have no financial gain from the document’s purpose that it will serve after notarization. However, it’s pretty evident that a person who notarizes their own document will obviously have a personal interest or financial gain from the document. Secondly, how could a notary public honestly ensure their own identity and ensure they are not under someone’s pressure to sign the documents.
        That’s why even after having a license, notarizing your own documents is still unlawful.

    2. Ryver

      Can the lawyer that wrote the documents notarize the documents?

      • admin@lottalegal.com

        No, they cannot! A lawyer doesn’t have the authority to do that! For that very reason, some lawyers keep their personal notaries, and some even don’t.

        If you have a document to be notarized, we can help you. Our state-commissioned notaries can notarize your document without your necessity to even leave your house. Book an appointment now!

        Book an appointment now!

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